Start-Up Businesses Urged To Consider Environmental Sustainability

At an event held in Romford, in the south-east of England, small and medium-sized businesses, including start-up businesses, have been encouraged to look more closely at maintaining environmentally sustainable practices in an effort to achieve overall economic growth.  The event was hosted by Lloyds TSB Commercial and served as a platform to present a survey that showed that although many businesses believe that sound environmental practices can lead to improved business opportunities, there are also significant numbers of businesses that feel that they are not doing enough to improve sustainability in environmental terms.

Going Green for Growth

Sustainability has for a long time been one of the key words for small and start-up businesses to consider when creating their business plans for company growth, but the scope of sustainability is being further widened by announcements such as that in Romford, where the chances of a business continuing to thrive and prosper are shown to depend not just upon keeping a healthy fiscal balance sheet but also upon maintaining good environmental practices.  Increasingly, fiscal and environmental sustainability are seen to be closely linked, and even small start-up businesses are able to see financial savings when they consider apparently small environmental concerns such as using less photocopying and printing or identifying ways of saving energy in day-to-day business practices.  The issue of the environment has grown to be much more than a temporary activity and start-up businesses may want to build environmental sustainability into their business planning for growth to look forward to a healthier financial future.