Scotland Low in Graduate Start-Up Businesses

A recent report has revealed that fewer graduates kick off their own start-up businesses after graduation than is the case in other parts of the United Kingdom, with figures for England and Wales showing a higher number of graduate start-up business on a per capita basis.  One theory put forward is that levels of graduate debt are putting graduates off taking the risk of entering start-up businesses, especially given the wider financial situation in the United Kingdom and beyond.  A further suggestion from the National Union of Students in Scotland is reported to be a form of recognition for the efforts that some start-up businesses put into aiding the local communities in which they are based.


Beyond Advice to Finance


The report possibly reflects a position that goes beyond graduate start-up businesses to the entrepreneurial world of the United Kingdom in general, where the path to success often depends on finding suitable and reliable forms of financial backing in the initial stages of building a business, growing a business or finding other ways in which to renew business plans and business focus.  Universities are not the only places where business advice is available, and a solid start is to seek professional opinions on business planning and on the way to create business plans that can be used when raising finance.  However, without financial security, there is the risk that start-up businesses will not be able to take the necessary steps that they have identified to help them consolidate and grow.