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Business Plan Services is proud to present its 'Top Ten' list of recommended texts for all types of businesses. These cover a wide variety of commercial finance topics, ranging from raising finance, venture capital, private equity investment, preparing a business plan and strategic business planning. All texts are offered in association with and can be purchased by clicking on the book title.

1. Successful Business Plans

Jane Khedair and Michael Anderson
Crimson Publishing
ISBN 185458483

Just released and climbing its way to the top of Amazon's business plan books!! From Business Plan Services' Jane Khedair and Michael Anderson. Effective business plans for proven results. This practical book, by Business Plan Services in association with London Business School, draws on the authors’ experience helping companies to write their business plans, as well as drawing on their personal experience investing in businesses. The book provides expert advice, templates and tips on how to create a winning business plan.

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"If you read nothing else about preparing your business plan then read this book. It's written in a style which is easy to follow, avoids management speak and encourages the business owner to answer the genuinely important questions. As an investor in small businesses, I will be encouraging business owners looking for funding to read this book and review their business plans in light of what they then learn before they send the plans to me. Writing a business plan is not difficult, particularly with the tools and templates now available. However, writing a great business plan which enables you to succeed in your objective, whether that is finance from your bank, equity funding etc is a skill. This book is great step in equipping you to write plans which succeed in their objective."

2. The New Business Road Test: What Entrepeneurs and Executives Should Do Before Writing a Business Plan

John Mullins
FT Prentice Hall
ISBN 0273663569

Got an idea for a new business? Take it for a road test to make sure it works.Most new businesses fail. Why? Because all businesses are not created equal.No matter how talented you are, no matter how hard you work, no matter how much capital you have, if you haven't given your idea a rigorous, critical examination before starting out you could be on the fast-track to disaster.Wether you're an entrepreneur starting your own business or an executive developing a new product or service for your company, before you even think about writing a business plan, make sure you've checked the fundamentals. Give your new business a fighting chance.If you don't want to be a contributor to the business failure statistics, read this book. It will jump-start your business planning and improve your odds."This is the book you should read before you even think of starting a new business"Richard Stutely, author of the Definitive Business Plan"Less risk = More chance of success. If you want to increase your chance of success, READ THIS BOOK!" Sinclair Beecham, Co-founder, Pret a mangerIf more of the business plans we see were driven by the compelling fundamentals in Jon Mullins' book, there would be many more smiles on both sudes of our table."Peter Englander, Director, Apax Partners"Most business plans should have been abandoned before they were written...The good news in all this is that opportunities are not static. They can be shaped in many ways. Potentially fatal flaws are there to be fixed"

3. Anyone Can Do It - Building Coffee Republic From Our Kitchen Table: 57 Real-life laws on entrepreneurship

Sahar Hashemi, Bobby Hashemi
Paperback - 256 pages (12 December, 2002)
Capstone Publishing Limited; ISBN: 1841122041

4. Beermat Entrepreneur: What You Really Need to Know to Turn a Good Idea into a Great Business

Mike Southon, Chris West
Paperback - 159 pages (7 March, 2002)
Prentice Hall; ISBN: 0273659294

The Beermat Entrepreneur captures that Archimedes moment when the idea suddenly hits you--out of the blue, no warning--the great business idea that's going to make your fortune and change people's lives. It's a defining moment for the would-be entrepreneur and channelling the concept from random notes on a beermat, bus ticket or whatever writing material you managed to grab at the time into a profitable business is Mike Southon and Chris West's goal. With refreshing clarity they reinvent the start-up around an entrepreneurial team immersed in a well-conceived business package.

The Beermat Entrepreneur puts three elements at the heart of the start-up; an elevator pitch endorsing the business concept, an experienced mentor to advise, consult and guide and four cornerstone individuals from technical, delivery, finance and sales backgrounds to complete the entrepreneur's team. "Business has already ceased to be about spreadsheets and software, and has entered the world of personal judgement and emotions", Southon and West argue. The connections and intuition a mentor can bring will repay the start-up a thousand times over while the cornerstones' specialist knowledge will form the core of the management team and drive the business forward. Taking in leadership, management, recruitment, PR, sales, marketing and finance along the route from Seedling Enterprise to Mighty Oak, Southon and West cover every issue the potential entrepreneur needs to understand about the challenges ahead. The Beermat Entrepreneur is an opinionated, inspiring and practical companion for new business adventurers. --Iain Campbell

5. Financing the New Venture: A Complete Guide to Raising Capital from Venture Capitalists, Investment Bankers, Private Investors, and Other Sources

Mark H. Long, Mark Long
Paperback - 354 pages (February 2000)
Adams Media Corporation; ISBN: 1580622070

6. The Essential Guide to Business Planning and Raising Finance

Brian Salter, Naomi Langford-Wood
Paperback - 280 pages (28 February, 1998)
Hawksmere Ltd; ISBN: 1854180479 Sales Rank: 82,353

This volume is aimed at directors and managers of companies of all sizes. It covers the basics of what goes in to a business plan, and enables the director/manager to step back and take a strategic view when planning for the future. The book then advises the reader on all aspects of financial business planning, ranging from strategic alliances to raising finance for the development and growth of the business. Combining business planning with an entrepreneurial view of all the options for business growth and expansion, the book provides details of sources of finance and capital, and how best to get them involved. It places financial and commercial issues firmly in the context of the overall strategic plan.

7. Funky Business: Talent Makes Capital Dance

Jonas Ridderstrale, Kjell Nordström
Paperback - 256 pages March 29, 2000
ISBN: 0273645919

With almost a quarter of a million copies in print globally, this cult best-seller is the book that is putting the life back into business. Funky Business tells us that difference rules, and differnece comes from the way people think not what compoanies make. It's talent that makes capital dance. In this world, we can no longer do "business as usual" - we need funky business. "The antidote to bland thinking and bland writing" - Tom Peters

8. Successful Corporate Fund Raising: Effective Strategies for Today's Nonprofits

K. Scott Sheldon, Scott Sheldon
Hardcover - 208 pages (18 February, 2000)
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; ISBN: 0471350168

Corporate fund-raising is one of the core activities in a nonprofit organization's fund-raising programme. The ability to successfully attract resources (both cash and noncash) from a corporate community to be used to further the mission of a nonprofit organization, can be a significant resource for any organisation. Such resources may come from a company's corporate contributions budget (including corporate foundations) or from other corporate budgets such as marketing. It includes any legitimate means, made by the nonprofit, to attract corporate resources, and cause-related marketing. Providing an updated look at the corporate fund-raising process, this study encompasses the growing use of technology and includes strategies and techniques from a real-world development office.

9. Enterprise and Venture Capital

Christopher Golis
Paperback - 272 pages (20 May, 1999)
Allen & Unwin; ISBN: 1864488344

This is a guide for people looking to build new businesses around bright ideas, and for investors awake to the opportunities offered by new business building. This is a revised and updated third edition of the book which sets out how to put venture capital to work. It discusses the fundamentals of business building, the sources of venture capital available and the steps involved in obtaining the appropriate financing, including the preparation of a business plan, the choice of a venture capitalist and negotiations with investors. The book concludes with advice to investors on how to invest venture capital wisely and how to manage a venture capital portfolio.

10. Leading Edge Business Planning for Entrepreneurs : Develop Your Vision, Utilize Technology, Obtain Venture Capital, Leverage Your Growth

James Arkebauer, Jack Miller
Paperback - 224 pages (April 1999)
Dearborn Financial Publishing Inc; ISBN: 157410117X

"Leading-Edge Business Planning for Entrepreneurs not only gives a practical, up-to-date, step-by-step guide for a professional business plan; it explains and teaches where other business planning books leave off. This book needs to be on the book shelf of every aspiring entrepreneur." Stephen C. Finch, President, International Business Consultants Ltd., Denver, Colorado

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