Increase Sales


Let’s be honest…we’ve all got a one-track mind…how much of your day is filled with ideas of increasing sales? After 20 years of working with companies just like yours, we know what motivates you.

Our network of world-class consultants is available at an affordable fixed rate to help you increase sales by understanding your customers and what they want from your business, your markets and your competitors.

Unlike large consultancy firms, our low overhead structure enables us to bring the best talent directly into your office without the high costs that typically put first-rate specialists out of the reach of small businesses. No retainer fees, no ongoing employment costs, no commitment…just proven expert support available when you need it to help you increase sales.

Ray Eldridge of Skills Centre, a client since 2010, said:

BPS did exactly what they promised they would…and more! Our turnover has multiplied threefold in just 12 months by BPS enabling us to give our marketing activity and focus a complete overhaul. We’re absolutely delighted and are now going back for more!

90-minute starter on business positioning

Can you explain in 30 seconds the value your business offers its customers? It's harder and more useful than you may imagine.

Is yours one of the many businesses whose marketing activity is driven by pushing the features rather than benefits of what you are selling? How much money are you pouring into a marketing budget that is premised on an ineffective sales story? We all know how expensive, frustrating - and fruitless -  this can be.

Let us take you through a journey to unravel a powerful sales message for your business. Get people buying from you by telling them what they want to hear instead of what you want to tell them.

Prepare to be challenged and enjoy the debate with a session that's dedicated to getting your messaging right as the cornerstone of your business' growth. See for yourself what a difference 90 minutes can make to your business.

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1-day business evaluation

Invite us into your office for a day that you won’t forget or regret.

Before we move forward we need to look back. We start with an independent review of your current sales and marketing activity, leaving the best intact and only suggesting changes where they are really necessary for a solid platform to move on from. We examine your strategy, marketing channels, return on spend and positioning which you’ll be able to read all about in our Report of Recommendations that we provide you with after the day.

Let us surprise – and shock – you with our revelations…

  • How focused and proactive is your marketing strategy?
  • Could your business benefit from a segmented market approach?
  • Are you making good use of all available low cost channels?
  • Are there any other business development activities that you are yet to identify let alone explore?
  • Is there an opportunity for differentiation from your competitors to make sure that your business stands out to win sales?

But that’s not all. Our ‘going-back-to-basics’ wouldn’t be complete without us looking at your brochures and website marketing collateral. We’ll reveal to you our observations for their improvement in our Report, and look forward to sharing with you the next steps for your business to achieve the growth objectives that you aspire to and deserve. Give your business a day of your time and it’ll give you years in return.

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Bespoke package

Want solutions as a follow-on to our troubleshooting? Actions speak louder than words so allow us to develop a tailormade Action Plan for your business to drive its growth.

Once we’ve identified the strength of your foundations in our initial one-day review session then we can design a customised package to address your business' specific needs and budget.

  • Perhaps you would benefit from us spending a day with you focussing wholly on your sales and business development, examining your products, channels and resources, mapping out ways for you to grow revenue without a disproportionate increase in marketing spend.
  • Perhaps you would prefer to spend that time getting a better understanding of your competitors – looking at how your business can differentiate itself from other players in terms of price, quality, innovation, and customer needs. Only by standing out in the crowd will you be able to drive sales and ensure customer loyalty for repeat revenues.
  • How about taking some time out to understand your markets better? Your sales and marketing strategy will only be as effective as your knowledge of who your business’ customers are and where they can be found. Work with us to examine the context of your market and segment your audience into bite-size groups which are ready for you to approach only once our work is done.
  • Want to convert your strategy into numbers? Cash is the lifeblood of your business so you’ll need to keep check on the business’ finances every step of the way. Spend 2 days with us to build a fully dynamic financial model that you’ll be able to work with and update to forecast and record your business growth over the years to follow.

So, you choose – from one day to a week or more. Our objective is the same as yours – to increase your sales. Bring BPS into your business and we’ll make a difference from the moment we step through your door.

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