Making a pitch?

Looking for funding or trying to close a deal for new business? Getting in front of the right people is one thing: keeping them interested in you and your business is another.

‘Dragons Den’ style pitch fever is sweeping the business world. Let BPS help you to raise finance. Be seen AND heard with our end-to-end range of services, taking you through preparing the content of your pitch to getting you in front of deal-hungry investors.

Ben Jensen, a client since 2009, said:

Being fully prepared for our VC audience gave us the confidence we needed to get our message across. Only by having BPS’ independent input were we able to take a step back from our presentation to give our investors the information they needed…the benefits of our unique technology, what this meant for the company and what it would mean for them as potential investors. It certainly worked as we then closed a £2.5m round and Surrey Nanosystems continues to thrive.

Getting your story right

Put your ideas to the test with a full day session with one of our experts who will work with you to extract, challenge and validate your proposition before we get you in front of  investors.

Your mentor will help to identify the appropriate messages of every aspect of your business for your intended audience, whether for a client, a prospective partner, business angel investors or venture capital fund managers. Get an independent perspective from one of our experts who understand what your audience wants to hear and will make sure that you don't fall at the first hurdle…after all, you may never get a second chance.

With over 20 years of proven experience in planning for successful pitches, leave it to BPS to convert your story into a clear and succinct 12-15 page ‘pitch pack’ that clearly and effectively conveys the opportunity of your business to your intended audience. The document provides a complete overview of headline data that is the perfect 'door opener' to get you in front of the people who you want to reach, or can be used as a deck of slides for you to present face-to-face. This is the perfect precursor to us preparing your full business plan so that you can test appetite whilst still protecting the fine details of your venture.

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Presenting your pitch

Spend a half day one-to-one session with one of our specialist trainers to develop, refine and maximise the delivery of your presentation to make sure that you leave your audience excited.

We’ll focus on style, tone and technique, whilst also including a full review of your slides to ensure that they support your pitch effectively to make sure that your investor audience is kept hanging onto your every word.

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Finding an audience

Armed with the perfect pitch, BPS invites you to extend your audience to our network of investors who are looking for the ‘next big thing’ and welcome our introduction of exciting businesses which are poised for take-off.

We work on a flexible fee basis so that you have nothing to lose and may well find yourself in front of your heaven-sent business angel before long.

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