Building a Management Team


Great companies depend on great teams of people. Entrepreneurs need to build such teams over time. They are a precious resource which is often difficult to create from personal networks and can be an expensive and time-consuming activity that many businesses can ill afford.

Take advantage of our unique relationships that give us access to some of the world’s most qualified executives to build your management team.

Resource of the finest calibre is available for the following roles:-

  • Temporary management
  • Interim management
  • Permanent management

BPS can undertake a selective search from our network of over 200,000 business professionals. Sectors of specialisation span an extensive range of disciplines, the 3 most readily available being finance, marketing and strategy.

We will

  • Consult and work with you to recommend the specification of the candidate that you require
  • Produce a list of potentially suitable applicants

We will not

  • Pester you
  • Provide in-depth interviews to candidates
  • Demand exclusivity


Our fees are fixed and standard but much more economical than usual recruitment fees reflecting the fact that this is an introductory service rather than a full recruitment process. The fee for recruitment of a candidate through BPS is 10% (+ VAT) of the value of their first year remuneration package or assignment value. Refunds apply where the applicant leaves during the first 8 weeks of engagement.

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