Running an established business and need to evaluate opportunities or raise finance for growth?

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Since every business and its needs are different, Business Plan Services offers a full range of services to increase a business plan's chance of success.

The level of support that we can provide very much depends on the nature and extent of assistance that our clients require.

Let Business Plan Services write your business plan for you and with you, leaving you free to focus on keeping your business running and providing you with the benefit of external independent input to maximise your business’ chance of success.

The presentation of an appropriate business plan is essential for many purposes. We enable you to achieve your objectives by understanding and accommodating the needs of different reader types.

Although the section headings of most business plans can be standardised, the complexity of every document is very much a reflection of the nature of the business and the requirements of the reader. Should you be looking to raise finance, our unrivalled experience with banks, venture capital houses, business angels and grant bodies enables us to tailor each document to their needs.

Business Plan Services makes available 2 options:

1. BPS' Bespoke Business Plan Preparation Service


2. BPS’ Fresh Perspective Programme

1. BPS' Bespoke Business Plan Preparation Service

What does our Bespoke Business Plan Preparation Service include?

This service makes available a fully inclusive level of support that enables us to prepare a complete personalised business plan that comprises:-

  • our undertaking of supporting desktop research using the extensive library resources that we can access through our association with London Business School;
  • financial modeling to ensure complete consistency between the business plan narrative and numbers;
  • relevant sector expertise provided by one of our specialist Business Consultants, enabling us to add considerable value to the pre-preparation business planning process by challenging information and ideas presented to us on the basis of our first hand experience and knowledge of a particular industry; and
  • ongoing interaction with our consultant to ensure that the resultant business plan is created from scratch as 100% bespoke to suit the needs of each client and the purpose for which the document has been prepared.

Who should use our Bespoke Business Plan Preparation Service?

This service is ideal for those who need an in-depth business plan to explain a mid/high risk venture which requires professional input to research and demonstrate its commercial viability as a high growth opportunity.

How much does our Bespoke Business Plan Preparation Service cost?

Fees for BPS' Bespoke Business Plan Preparation Service are quoted on a fixed fee basis, assessed in accordance with the amount and complexity of assistance required in each instance.

2. BPS' Fresh Perspective Programme

BPS "Fresh Perspective" Programme ('FPP') was launched in January 2007 to take our Bespoke Business Plan Preparation service one step further with a 12-month internal business planning programme.

FPP is intended to get the UK's small-medium sized businesses ready for substantial growth by identifying opportunities and threats that lie ahead for each company so that it may be prepared to leverage its assets and secure new ones if necessary.

What is the structure for the programme?

FPP encompasses a 3-pronged approach lasting a 12-month period:

  1. A series of 2 half-day discovery workshops held at each client’s premises with key management team members to uncover the issues and identify the challenges facing the company. Establishing and documenting a common platform to move ahead creates buy-in from everyone involved and is integral to effective delivery;
  2. The development of an internal business plan with relevant KPIs, provides a strategic roadmap for universal adoption across the company; and
  3. Two half-day implementation reviews at six and twelve months with key management team members to monitor progress and adapt the strategy to reflect any changes that may be required at that stage.

Who is it for?

Owner managers and company directors of growing businesses across any sector which have;

  • a turnover of between £1-20 million turnover;
  • between 5-100 employees

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a professionally structured, wholly interactive internal business planning programme are abundant, with the significance of each one varying from one company to another depending upon each company's needs. In all cases, our experience and the feedback from our clients summarises some of the main outcomes from the process as providing:

  • The opportunity for a valuable sanity check of existing ideas and the provision of a platform to generate new ones;
  • Focus and clarity across a company to enable effective implementation of the agreed way ahead;
  • Substantial cost savings and increased profitability through efficient business planning to ensure the effective allocation of resources;
  • Non-judgmental and impartial performance measurement by BPS to monitor and maximise growth

Client Testimonial:

"What this process has done for me has been humbling. I have learnt more about CC in two months than in the last five years. I have a much better understanding of what we have achieved and what we are capable of achieving in the future. Moreover, I have an indication of the risk, skills and efforts that are needed and lastly I am much more motivated."

Suresh Punjabi, Managing Director, Corporate Communications Europe

Contact us on 0845 057 4065 or to arrange a no obligation no commitment discussion to explore which of these options may be more appropriate for you.

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