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Business plan research to evaluate acquisition

The client, a leading medical product manufacturing company, was generating profits of approx. £1m, but did not have any proprietary products. Instead the company was reliant totally on 2 customers on whose behalf it manufactures 2 products whose ‘life’ was expected to run for a maximum of just another couple of years. The company’s exposure to 2 clients put its future in question, although the company was to remain very profitable. Rather than take dividends, management was keen to reinvest the profits into an acquisition with proprietary products to extend the company’s life.

Management recognised that its strength lay in its good skill base in the area of product assembly – focusing on gluing, sticking, sewing and radio frequency welding – rather than electronics. With this in mind, the company needed to
a. identify the various product areas within the medical sector that it should be concentrating on; and then
b. shortlist some medical companies that are ripe for acquisition within each of these areas. The client commissioned Business Plan Services to undertake a 5-day business plan research assignment to identify some potential acquisition targets.

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