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Business plan for members organisation

Business Plan Services was brought in to provide business plan support to this client, a family business network that had more than 100 high profile family member businesses and revenues derived from corporate sponsorship.

The organisation required an internal roadmap that identified and documented a way forward for it to grow its membership and to provide the organisation with increased recognition that would give it a strong platform to underpin its sustainability as a viable commercial (albeit not for profit) organisation in years to follow.

The client had identified a strategy to enable this to happen although was keen to have this extrapolated onto paper after having been validated and/or challenged as appropriate to enable him to present his Board with a strong and tested ‘action plan’ for their approval and subsequent implementation.

The work concluded with BPS’ development of a multi pronged strategy to reflect the following:

1. Diversification / concentration of the membership base

2. Raise the pricing of membership subscriptions

3. Increase the profitability of events

4. Reduce the costs of operations with more automation to facilitate the membership application and renewal process eg with one accounting period which could bring everything in line

5. Seek further sources of external income.

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