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Business plan for investment for retail roll out

Business Plan Services was engaged by this client to prepare a full financial model for a 5-year period for his proposed UK roll out of a dedicated burger restaurant business.

The client had one outlet, was opening a second later that year and had already secured funding for a further 3. He anticipated having 6 within the following 12 months and a total of 30 within 5 years.

Based on some general assumptions provided by client and challenged by BPS, the client needed to validate his plans for the rollout by having a full financial model prepared to accommodate all the variables that would underpin and impact upon this anticipated growth. Within the complex model detailed worksheets were required to show:-
 the timing and average cost / revenue per unit;
 the timing and cost for the introduction of a central office facility to accommodate the business’ growth;
 consolidated worksheets including P&L, cashflow forecast and balance sheets.

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