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Business plan for in-house blue chip innovation in pharmaceuticals industry

Business Plan Services was engaged by this pharmaceuticals blue chip plc to investigate the potential of a new commercial opportunity. The work was broken down into 2 stages as follows:
Stage 1 - A 2 week assignment which involved a limited amount of origination from Business Plan Services, assimilating and evaluating information provided by various individuals/departments within the client blue chip.

Stage 2 - This extended to include Business Plan Services' undertaking a moderate amount of research and origination, within which the appointed Business Plan Services consultant also partly leveraged his contacts to achieve this work.

A total 2 month timeframe was allocated to this stage, embracing a product development cycle that spanned all of the following:

- Idea generation;
- Idea development;
- Idea selection; and thereafter
- Post completion - idea implementation on a trial basis.
The deliverable from Business Plan Services was agreed with the client to be a business plan of no more than 10,000 words.

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