Business plan for bank funding: 4

The client commissioned Business Plan Services to help with writing a business plan for a start up retail venture intended to fill a gap in the ladies clothing market. The client saw an opportunity which is not catered for by the mass market retailers such as French Connection, Jigsaw, Wallis and Monsoon whose fashion cuts are typically not manufactured to fit a woman’s body shape. In contrast this venture was to make available a new range of classic clothing to accommodate the shape of the body as opposed to being a standard straight pattern. Clothes will be fitted and flattering taking into consideration the female form. The concept is intended to be brought to a number of select high streets across the UK and a business plan was required for a pilot launch to establish proof of concept for which purpose funding was required. The business plan was designed to convey the excitement of this proposition to attract funding for the launch of 2 pilot stores over a 3 year period to demonstrate the potential return from each which can be scaled up accordingly. The client received match funding of £75,000 from Royal Bank of Scotland under the DTI Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme.

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