The ever-evolving face of BPS

Those who are new to the BPS website won’t notice the difference, but others who are regular visitors may well be wondering where the talking head videos of Michael and I have disappeared to.

Well, after embracing the SEO capabilities enabled by moving images, we decided it was high time we scapped the Max Headroom (am I showing my age??) approach  in favour of a slicker  site that is more synonymous with what BPS stands for. Aside from being cleaner, far easier to navigate and a lot less busy, the ‘new look’ BPS site is intended to more clearly convey how our clients benefit from working with us. Hopefully this is a far cry from the product-heavy focus that has driven our online presence of recent years. After all, aren’t most businesses more excited about the prospect of growing, raising finance or increasing sales rather than having a business plan solely as a dust-gathering doorstop?

Personally, I’m delighted with our new site and can say only great things about our web designer and programmer. A huge thanks to Richard and Kyle who have worked like troupers over the weeks to pamper to our every whim..believe me there were quite a few of those along the way!

We’d love our visitors’ feedback – not only on the site’s look and feel but also on its messaging as one of our own core activities and a central pillar of effective business planning. After all, if we can’t get it right on our own site then who can??? Perhaps you can be the judge of that…